Sunday, July 31, 2011

My favorite net-a-porter items this week

I love love love, I wait every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for the new products to satisfy my need for looking at beautiful things. I sometimes even get butterflies looking at beautiful clothes or accessories.

I didn't get butterflies this week, I rather got irritated that the fall/winter clothes are already in store and I'm still trying to enjoy the rest of summer here in Iceland. Talking about Claudia Schiffers new (winter)line... rather dull and "old-womanish". But these are my favorite items this week.

1. Diane Kordas bracelet, $1.020
2. Alexander McQueen keychain, $125
3. Dolce & Gabbana tank, $235
4. Michael Kors boots, $950
5. Michael Kors watch, $450
6. J Brand skinny jeans, $180
7. Isabel Marant bracelet, $80
8. J.Crew T-shirt, $98

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm longing for sun on the beach...

...with a mojito in one hand, sunscreen in the other and magazines ready in my lap. Just relax and not think about my stressful situation at work. And since the weather here in Iceland couldn't be more boring at the moment I am craving the sun...

Top 5 places "top of my mind" I would like to visit and I hope someday I will go to:



Santorini, Greece

The Seychelles

Costa Rica


Ms. Sun-lover